Productivity can only be churned out when one is provided with a peaceful & well-equipped environment. vSublet Spaces feature a common recreational room equipped with gaming console to provide our residents with a space to un-wind and bond with their coworkers, thereby bolstering professional productivity.

The Spaces

Unlock your access to most productive workspace near you. Our office space is intentionally designed for you to do your best work– offering different space types that enhance productivity and collaboration.

Dedicated Seats


With dedicated work desks, you would sit at your assigned desk & could leave your stuff at your desks or in provided lockers. You are welcome to personalize your dedicated desks as per your needs.

Private Team Offices

With private team office, companies can maintain their own spaces within a larger shared workspace. We offer private team offices of multiple capacities from 3-person office to 8-person team office.

Conference Room

Fully equipped conference room with multimedia and projector with complimentary conference hours for members for board meetings and events. (image same as existing)


Our Priority


With 24/7 camera surveillance, we ensure that our members work with the ease of mind in terms of their security.


Our prime location gives you the opportunity to work in an exciting environment with ease of ample parking.

Modern Design

We provide you with an ambient and peaceful environment that suits your work needs to enhance your productivity and efficiency.

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Our services allows you to customize your workspace according to your needs.


What We Have Here for You

vSublet Spaces provides you with a premium co-working environment with tons of facilities:

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is most frequently asked questions by our respected customers:

Q: Can we customize our room?

Ans: Yes, all of our rooms are fully customizable, you can customize from different available furniture designs, chair styles, light color and much more.

Q: Do we have ample parking?

Ans: Yes, we have ample parking and we offer valet service as well.

Q: What are your working hours?

Ans: We operate Monday – Saturday, 9AM – 9PM